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EP 6 .tech Working in the GO ecosystem with Bartłomiej Klimczak

Episode Summary

Welcome back to Form3's .tech podcast. Bartłomiej Klimczak, a GO developer at G2A talks us through what it is like to work in the GO ecosystem. Having developed a love for the programming language, Bart runs the GoKraków meet-ups in Poland. Our new .tech series invites guests inside and outside of Form3, discussing current trends in the engineering world alongside shedding light into some of the engineering practices here at Form3. Interested in joining Form3? - https://hubs.li/H0zlrGd0

Episode Notes

Topics discussed in this episode include: 

-Transitioning to Go from PHP
-Differences of Go as a language
-Bart's approach to testing
-Docker containerisation
-Klio  (Crossover between a CLI framework and a package manager)
-Bart's blog