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Ep 22 .tech - How do interpreters work?

Episode Summary

Join host Kevin Holditch for an episode on how interpreters work. To most of us interpreters feel quite magical in that they can take a string and execute that as meaningful code. Thorsten Ball, author of the fantastic book: Writing An Interpreter In Go (https://interpreterbook.com/) lifts the bonnet on what happens inside the interpreter. Thorsten goes through the stages of interpreting: lexing -> parsing -> evaluation and adds concrete examples of how each stage fits into the next. This episode will give you a great understanding of the mechanics of an interpreter. We also touch on what is the difference between interpreting and compilation And what is super compiler is.

Episode Notes

 Our  .tech series invites guests inside and outside of Form3, discussing current trends in the engineering world alongside shedding light into some of the engineering practices here at Form3.

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Interpreter book: https://interpreterbook.com 

Thorsten Ball's Github: https://github.com/mrnugget