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Ep 16 .tech - Supercharge your Kubernetes clusters with Cilium

Episode Summary

Welcome back to the Form3 .tech podcast. Dan Wendlandt, the CEO of Isovalent joins host Kevin Holditch for a discussion on the product they have created Cilium. Join them to learn how Cilium leverages eBPF to give your kubernetes cluster superpowers! These superpowers include cluster meshing (global kubernetes services across multiple clusters), lightning fast networking (no iptables), pod network security which can be scoped to a pod identity and include rules for both inside and outside of cluster and full network observability. Dan takes me through how Cilium enables all of these features.

Episode Notes

Our new .tech series invites guests inside and outside of Form3, discussing current trends in the engineering world alongside shedding light into some of the engineering practices here at Form3.

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Cilium website : https://cilium.io/