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Ep 15 .tech - Hashiconf, Vault and Terraform

Episode Summary

Welcome back to Form3's .tech podcast. On this week, our host Kevin caught up with Dominique Top and Andre Pimental from Hashicorp to talk all things Hashicorp. They discussed the recent Hashiconf Europe conference where Kevin gave a talk on how to seed Vault with Terraform. They also delved into upcoming features that are in store for both Vault and Terraform.

Episode Notes

Our new .tech series invites guests inside and outside of Form3, discussing current trends in the engineering world alongside shedding light into some of the engineering practices here at Form3.

Interested in joining Form3? - https://www.form3.tech/careers 

Hashicorp website -https://www.hashicorp.com/ 

Kevin's talk at Hashiconf:  https://www.youtube.com/20watch?v=oRsDn8iiozs